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Who We Are

The arrival of CALIBER is a major event in the field of employer-labor relations in Southern California, blending their individual talents, experience and community knowledge, management ability of our executives and staff.

The loyalty and dedication of our staff's talent are the best told in the staying performance of our company, working seven days a week with an extended customer service who will attend to the necessities of our clients and employees twenty four hours a day creates a huge gap between us and the competition.

Lower Your Costs!

  • Save valuable time that would otherwise be productive & profitable!
  • Avoid loss of time doing payroll paperwork
  • Avoid loss of time associated with workers Compensation Paperwork
  • Avoid loss of time with Employment Verification
  • Avoid loss of time with Unemployment Claims
  • Reduce to a minimum accounting costs

We will be responsible for paying all payroll taxes & withholdings such as:

  • FUTA
  • SUI
  • FICA
  • Workers Compensation

We will be responsible for all of the paperwork associated with the hiring of employees, including:

  • W-4
  • I-9
  • Employment Applications
  • All other routine employee paperwork

Our Website

You can find out more about our services here or apply online.

Contact Us

Caliber Group

Corporate Headquarters

1119 S. Milliken Avenue Suite C

Ontario, CA 91761

Telephone: (909) 972-6779

Fax: (951) 880-1807

After Hours: (909) 557-6297